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Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual who does not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, or who has not followed the guidelines given for conducting events, such refusal being in our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to ask for proof of age ID and refuse admission to any individual in our sole discretion based on invalid, altered or expired identification, or if we are not satisfied as to your age. In the event that we refuse admission to an individual based on the above, NO refund will be given for any deposit or funds paid to us.

To participate in a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event you must be 18 years or older. Please do not attempt to register if you are under the age of 18. Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions of any person that you may meet through a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event.

Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the actions of participants before, at or after a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event.

If you participate in a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event, you agree not to initiate any claim against Speed Dating Pty Ltd resulting from either social or dating activities and agree to release Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd from any liability with respect to:

a. - Any matching contact details whether by customer error or error by Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd.
b. - Any loss you may suffer as a result of theft or damage to your belongings. 
c. - Any loss or damage you may suffer from the actions of any participant of a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event, before at or after an event.

Under the Defamation Act no 75/2005 Vic, 2005 No 77 NSW, Defamation Act no 2005 Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia you agree not publish any negative or defamatory material in media, online or written form against Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd.

By participating in a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event, you agree to allow us to use any photos taken at any of our events for advertising or promotional purposes, unless notified otherwise. If you do not wish for your photo to be used for this purpose, please notify us and we will respect your decision.


Most of our venues are either upstairs or in a small function room not suitable for wheel chair access. We have trialed one event with a customer in a wheelchair, which turned out very unsuccessful for the client, hosts and the venue involved. This in turn has lead us to unfortunately not be able to accommodate people who require wheel chairs from our regular speed dating events.

We have successfully ran regular speed dating events with blind participants before, and we will and we will try to accommodate your situation. Unfortunately sometimes the venue restricts what we can offer. If you have special circumstances, please email us first so that there is no disappointment.


Planning for an Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event is a very long and time consuming process. It is most important that we know who will be attending the event in advance, in order to ensure that we have equal numbers of men and women. For this reason, once a ticket has been purchased, no refund or credit can be offered for cancellation or non attendance.

Out of courtesy for our other guests, we ask that you please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend.

If you cancel your attendance at an event, the cancellation is final. You cannot attend the event, and you will be refused entry if you attempt to attend.

Credit MAY be given if we are notified at least 7 days before the event. The decision to provide a credit is at the sole discretion of Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd.

We do not overbook events, we take time and care to provide equal numbers of participants at each of our events. If, for whatever reason we have to cancel one of our events, you will be issued with a credit.

If you are provided with a credit, it will be valid for 6 months. A credit can also be transferrable to a friend or family member.

Why do we need to be firm with our 7 day credit policy ?
In our first year of trading we allowed a credit with minimal notice. We had clients contacting us a day or two before the scheduled event stating they could not make it due to a wide variety of reasons. We were a bit gullible and wanted to believe the best in people, so we allowed them a credit. A staggering 70% of these same clients did not turn up to the next event we allowed them credit to. As they assumed they would not be permitted another credit, most of them did not even have the courtesy to let us know they were not attending - they just did not turn up. This is the reason why unfortunately we do not allow credits on such short notice.

We require that all attendees confirm their attendance by 4:00pm the day before an event. If you do not confirm your attendance, we may (at our sole discretion) email, SMS and phone you. If you have not confirmed your attendance by 4.00pm the day before an event, your ticket will be forfeited and you will not be entitled to a refund or credit.

We will not provide, under any circumstances, any admission, refund or credit after an event has already began.

In the very rare circumstance that we need to change venue location, Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to do so as long as we give the customer at least 24 hours notice and the venue location is no more than 8km for the original venue.

We require that all attendees arrive before 7:30. Our events start at approx 7:40.

If you are attending any event from a special offers, there will be no refund or credit given under any circumstances.

Incorrect Bookings (customer error)
Where error has been made by the customer eg. Booking a ticket where an event is clearly marked **GUYS/GIRLS SOLD OUT**. In these circumstances there will be no refund or partial refund. We will transfer you to another future event.  For deliberately booking into the wrong age group, there will be no refund.

Direct Deposit Bookings 
All Direct Deposit transactions MUST be emailed to us. We have a number of deposits transferred each day into our bank account. We require you to email the transaction details so that we can confirm that you have made payment. If you do not email us the transaction details of your payment, we will not be able to book you for an event. In these circumstances, we will use our best endeavors to book you for a future event once the details have been provided to us. If you do not wish to be transferred, we do not accept any responsibility to reverse the transaction. You will be solely responsible for contacting your bank for a refund.

As stated on our website when ordering a ticket, we cannot take any direct deposit order 3+ days before an event.  If ordering 3 or less days before an event, we will only accept credit card payment.

Please note that we do not hold any tickets under any circumstances whatsoever.  Credit card payments guarantee a placement at our events.

Incorrect Age Bookings
We reserve the right to ask for photo ID. If you do not fall into the correct age category, you will not be allowed to participate in the event. We will not provide a refund in theses circumstances. If you deliberately book into a younger age group, we may at our sole discretion ban you from all future events.

If we become aware that you have provided misleading or false details, you will be banned from attending any of our future events and will not be provided with a refund under any circumstances.This includes the use of false names and/or providing an incorrect age. Our decision to ban you from events is at our sole discretion.

To maintain a high standard of clients attending, we will ban people from attending our events if they are found to be acting in an inappropriate manner.  We do not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour.  If banned, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Non Attendance
If you book for an event, but do not attend without notifying us, your details will be deleted from our database, and will not be permitted to attend another one of our future events. In this case no refund will be provided.


You cannot change your matches after they are sent.

We do not under any circumstances provide information on people who you are not matched with, including those people you did not select, but ticked "yes" to you. We will not double-check any matches provided (subject to the fee detailed below). All matches are final. Please ask our friendly staff to assist you with the scorecards in order to ensure that you receive the correct matches, and to ensure a positive experience. We accept no responsibility whatsoever if you incorrectly fill out scorecards.

There is a $30 fee for us to double check your scorecard. If there has been an error on our part with the scorecard and the matches, we will happily refund your $30 by with an additional 25% and electronically send your original scorecard to you.

If there has been no error on our part, you will forfeit the $30 fee.

By participating in a Speed Dating Australia Pty Ltd event, you agree to all Terms and Conditions as described above.