Is your money going overseas ?  Please support local Australian businesses.

Booking on Eventbrite ?  Lots of American companies on there: Relish Dating, My Cheeky Date & City Swoon.

City Swoon - Fast Impressions (American).

For years and years we could not work out why Australians would support an American company called Fast Impressions.  They eventually closed in early 2015.  About 6 months later in September, this same American company started up again with a new website called City Swoon.  They even kept their very ambitious $89 ticket fee the same.  False claims as having the largest Speed Dating Event in the world.  Not so sure how a brand new start up company could manage this.  We highly doubt their TV and Radio exposure also.

Please click to see the genuine worlds largest Speed Dating Event on the Guinness World Records website.

My Cheeky Date (American & UK) have also started running here in Australia.


Below Photo is City Swoon / Fast Impressions website running in San Fransisco and New York.


Speed Dating City Swoon - Fast Impressions


Below photo is their comeback event in Australia, still keeping the $89 ticket fee. September 2015.  Using one of our venue's Fringe Bar / Osborne Hotel was a nice touch...




Next photo below is My Cheeky Date who run in Canada, American and England.


My Cheeky Date