Girls Speed Dating Tips

Ladies, I wish you all the very best of luck with your Speed Dating Australia© experience. If a relationship or marriage does take place PLEASE, PLEASE let us know. Nothing makes our day happier than recieving good news like this.

- Roxy
Speed Dating Australia

We usually get one or two girls contact us after an event wishing they had picked more guys. There is no set rule to say you can only tick 3 or 4 guys, you can tick as many as you want. After all, whats the harm in exchanging a few emails or catching up for a quick coffee? Another mistake we see is girls crossing out their selections after discussing it with their friends. Speed Dating gives the flexiblity in who YOU want to contact again, not who your friend recommends.

Speed Dating is a fun night out, not an interview process for finding the love of your life. Regard it as a good night out meeting new friends.

NEVER talk about your previous relationships. Don't be negative when talking about men in general. It is very off putting to talk about all the bad things that men have done to you in the past.

Not all men want a woman who looks like she just stepped out of a glossy magazine, but they do want a woman who takes pride in her appearance, especially when going out. If make up isn't your thing, it doesn't have to be, just make sure your hair is well kept, finger nails are clean and shaped and you smell good. If you always wear jeans and a jumper, why not try a flattering skirt for a change? Think about the colour of your clothes, do they suit your complexion? By looking good, you feel more confident. That confidence will be carried over into the way you come across, thus making you look even more attractive to the opposite sex.

This can be off putting for men for two reasons. To some guys this can be seen as "wallet checking", for others this can be a bit "intimidating". Its no secret that men like to show off, thats why they buy the fancy cars and big screen TVs. Jobs can be the same. Some men can feel abit "inadequate" or "intimidated" by a powerful, successful woman. Remember a job is only a small part of what actually makes a person.

After running so many events Australia wide we have seen and heard alot of different stories, I will quickly share this one about a very successful surgeon. On his first Speed Dating night he told virtually every girl he met his occupation. Out of 16 girls, 13 girls ticked "yes" to him. After talking to him a couple of months later he was quite disappointed as there were quite a few signs that most of women had picked him based solely on his occupation/monetery value. We suggested for his next event that he not mention what he did for a living. Out of 15 girls for the evening only 4 picked him this time....