General Speed Dating Tips

PLEASE, PLEASE fill in your scorecards correctly and neatly. After all, how can you expect to get any matches if we cannot read your scorecard! To make the night run as smoothly as possible, please listen carefully for your hosts instructions. All hosts get extensive training so they know exactly what to do in order to make your Speed Dating experience as enjoyable as possible.

Keep the conversation fun, light and positive. Heavy conversations such as religion, politics or ex-partners are not recommended. "What do you do for a living?" can get quite repetitive throughout the night. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive, nobody likes a whinger or complainer. Try not to talk about yourself too much. Ask open-ended questions, get them to open up and talk about themselves.

I guess this is more directed at the guys. Clean hair, hands and nails are all things that are important when making that first impression. Typical "Speed Dating" tables aren't very big so you will be in close proximity with your date. Aftershave/perfume and breath mints should be taken into consideration.

Alot can be said about a person's body language. Don't fold your arms, slouch or sit there yawning! Give your date good eye contact and listen carefully to what they are saying. Above all the single most important thing to do is SMILE...

Its no secret that out of all the thousands of surveys taken about what we look for in a partner, CONFIDENCE always rates at the very top. We are attracted to successful, self-assured people.